WIVA’s 3 Pillar Thesis

Educational Thesis

We offer an immersive, hands-on learning experience that leverages industry best practices and provides hands-on experience in investment due diligence, impact assessment, and portfolio management.

Investment Thesis

We focus on early-stage social enterprises that have a compelling business model, a strong team, and high impact potential. These companies are able to defend their market position and scale over time.

Impact Thesis

We seek positive, sustainable, and evidence-based impact on underserved populations or the environment.

Impact Measurement & Management

WIVA’s impact assessment methodology leverages our knowledge of industry best practices and our commitment to an evidence-based approach.

With support from WSII’s team of impact professionals, WIVA assesses a company’s impact potential based on research-validated strategies for achieving social and environmental benefits. We work with entrepreneurs to identify key performance indicators related to their company’s impact objectives. We also actively engage with entrepreneurs to ensure financial returns and impact outcomes are maximized.

wiva students meeting with roy swan, sitting at a round table

Questions we ask when assessing impact


1. What impact is being created?

2. Who exactly is being helped?

3. How much?

4. Would it have happened anyway?

5. What is the risk / volatility of the impact?


1. What does the evidence suggest about the company’s impact?

2. How strong is the evidence?


1. Prioritizing scale or effect?

2. How is impact tracked?

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