Student Perspective: “Dollars and Change” Recap, Week of July 7

Every Thursday morning, we record a new episode of “Dollars and Change,” the social impact show on SiriusXM’s Business Radio channel powered by The Wharton School. Our summer fellows frequently sit in on this live tapings, hearing insights on impact from CEOS, entrepreneurs, civic leaders and more. Undergraduates Emily Ulrich, Lucy Porter,Read More

Student Perspective: SiriusXM “Dollars and Change” Recap, Week of July 9

Wharton Social Impact Fellows Samantha Klein and Emma Kloppenburg tuned in to a live recording of “Dollars and Change” on Wharton Business Radio, powered by SiriusXM. Here’s what they learned from the two-hour segment. Employees are an organization’s most valuable asset. And yet, 70% of U.S. workers report not being engagedRead More

Student Perspective: Reflections on “Dollars and Change”

An undergraduate Social Impact Fellow recaps a recent segment of Dollars and Change, featuring social entrepreneurship professor and impact strategist Diana Ayton-Shenker.  The October 23rd show was hosted by Sherryl Kuhlman and Sandi Hunt. Other guests included Nick Ryan of Worn Again, Topher Wilkins of Opportunity Collaboration, and Benjamin Stone, co-founder of Dollar A Day. “We’reRead More

Student Perspective: “Dollars and Change” Recap

Two undergraduate Social Impact Fellows recap a recent episode of Dollars and Change. The July 31 show was hosted by Sherryl Kuhlman and Sandi Hunt. Guests included Matt Bauer, CEO and Co-Founder of BetterWorld Wireless; Saul Garlick, CEO and Founder of ThinkImpact; and Jason Tarre, Startup Partnerships Manager for Venture for America.Read More

Reflections on “Dollars and Change”: Show Recap, Week of June 26

Two social impact summer Fellows tuned in to the latest episode of “Dollars and Change,” and shared their reflections.  This week’s show was hosted by Sherryl Kuhlman and Sandi Hunt. Guests included Daniel Korschun, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Drexel University; Fam Mirza, serial entrepreneur and founder of Mirza Minds; DavidRead More