Faculty Perspective: Mary-Hunter McDonnell on corporate activism

Corporations are increasingly tackling social issues head on.  How can they do so in a way that is at once authentic to their identity and value-creating for their shareholders? In this interview, Wharton professor Mary-Hunter McDonnell describes the impact corporations can have on social issues and the role shareholders canRead More

To Brag or Not to Brag: Social Impact Research from Professor Deb Small

If you do a good deed but no one knows about it, does your contribution even matter? Does public sharing (or bragging, or #humblebragging) make your generous activities seem more self-serving than selfless?  In a series of studies, Wharton marketing and psychology professor Deborah Small examined myths and perceptions aroundRead More

Faculty Impact Story: Professor Ian “Mac” MacMillan

Known for his “tough love approach” to educating would-be social entrepreneurs, Wharton professor Ian McMillan — or Mac, as he is commonly known on campus — is dedicated to training the next generation of scholars and change-makers. And thanks to the recently published “Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook” (co-authored with Dr. James Thompson), andRead More