We drive innovative research on the practice of strategic impact investing to achieve both positive returns and real social impact.

Four for Women: A Framework for Evaluating Companies’ Impact on the Women They Employ

A summary of extensive academic research as well as a new framework to explore and assess what it is to be a good employer for women.

Great Expectations: Mission Preservation and Financial Performance in Impact Investing

A rigorous exploration of the widespread assumption that impacting investing private equity funds cannot achieve market-rate financial performance and findings that suggest otherwise.

Project Sage

A bird’s eye view of the existing range of private equity and debt funds that invest with a gender lens.

Can Investing in Public Equities Improve the Lives of Women?

New research on social impact investing with a gender lens explores the possibilities of using investment capital to positively impact gender equity.

Innovative Finance: Mobilizing Capital for Maximum Impact

A look into new financial mechanisms and strategies for channeling revenue streams from a variety of sources toward development.

Bringing Innovation Back to Innovative Finance

A summary of successful strategies to unleash capital, create positive economic returns, and achieve strategic social impact goals around the world following a convening at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in Italy.

The Entrepreneurs Spurring Africa’s Rise

A special report featuring interviews with 18 fascinating entrepreneurs and executives who are spurring growth in unique and dynamic ways in Africa.

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