Impact Finance Database (IFD)

The world’s leading impact investing research database.

In 2014, the Wharton Social Impact Initiative (WSII) at the University of Pennsylvania began collecting data to investigate what works in impact investing, particularly in private equity and venture capital. Originally known as the Wharton Impact Research and Evaluation Database (WIRED), this first-of-its-kind database fueled groundbreaking research on impact investing.

To expand and accelerate this endeavor, we have launched the Impact Finance Research Consortium in collaboration with Harvard Business School and Chicago Booth. Through this group of professors and research centers, we are building on WIRED to create the Impact Finance Database (IFD) to advance academic research on impact investing.

The IFD focuses not only on financial data, but also on impact measurement, legal governance, organizational climate, and other critical aspects of impact investing.

“To fulfill the promise of impact investing, we need hard data, independent analysis, and evidence-based insights. That’s the promise of IFD and the power of this collaboration.”

-Dr. Katherine Klein, Edward H. Bowman Professor at the Wharton School and Vice Dean at the Wharton Social Impact Initiative
headshot of Vice Dean Katherine Klein

Are you an impact investing fund manager? Join this critical field-building effort! Contact Michael Brown, WSII’s Head of Research, to learn more.

Impact through data and analytics.