Research and Reports

To achieve sustainable social impact, we need more than good intentions, entrepreneurial passion, and capital. We need evidence.

The field of impact investing is new and growing fast. And with this growth comes a thirst for data and analytics:

  • How strong are the financial returns to impact investing?
  • Is the impact in impact investing real or hype?
  • Is there a trade-off between financial returns and impact?
  • Where and how can businesses create meaningful impact?

At Wharton, we know the power of data and analytics. As the academic leader in impact investing research, we are building the databases, conducting the research, and partnering with renowned faculty to answer these questions and more.

Rigorous Research

Wharton is advancing the science and practice of social impact through rigorous academic research on impact investing, gender lens impact investing, ESG reporting, CSR, microfinance, social entrepreneurship, and more.

Faculty Perspective: Finance Department Chair David Musto Discusses Impact Investing Research

Translating research into actionable insights.