Wharton and Penn students: We’ll help you gain the experience, knowledge, and skills to change the world.

At Wharton Social Impact, we are committed to creating transformational opportunities for students. We offer a robust set of student programs and resources to match your interests in social impact and business.

Learn about impact investing. Start a social enterprise. Consult on real-world projects through a selective fellowship. Attend your dream conference. Earn funding for unpaid internships. Conduct research. Network with socially-conscious peers.

If you want to use your talents to make the world a better place, we’ll support you and help you succeed.

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Wharton Social Impact

Do you prioritize social impact and seek real-world experience to address today’s most challenging issues? Eager to jumpstart your impact investing career? We offer a variety of opportunities and projects, allowing you to chart your path toward the experiences that interest you most.

Discover all of our programs, fellowships, clubs, and alumni opportunities in business and social impact.