Wharton Alumni Launch New Social Impact Affinity Club


As philanthropists, board members, and employees, Wharton alumni have long been using their Wharton training to address pressing social and environmental problems.

In recent years, a growing number of our alumni have also become involved with impact investing, social entrepreneurship, corporate sustainability, and other emerging areas of social innovation. Wharton Social Impact Initiative, launched in 2010, has served as a connector for a growing network of alumni interested in social impact—but we know there’s an even greater demand for opportunities to strengthen your ties with Wharton, with fellow alumni, and with the social impact community.

We’ve heard you:  now there is an official Wharton Alumni Affinity club for those deeply interested in using business skills to create a better world.

Regional and affinity clubs are founded, developed and organized by alumni around the globe. They are independent, volunteer-driven and self-sustaining networking organizations that interact and engage with the Wharton School to help make real the collective vision of offering top-quality programming, communication, and engagement among the student, faculty and staff communities and the broader global alumni communities.

The new Social Impact alumni affinity group could serve several purposes:

  • Building a network of alumni for advice, employment, and Board membership
  • Facilitating connections between alumni, students, and faculty
  • Facilitating connections between alumni investors and impact investing opportunities
  • Creating avenues for alumni to advocate for social impact at Wharton
  • Helping generate ideas for future projects and initiatives to serve students and alumni
  • Continuing to strengthen Wharton’s leadership in the social impact space at large

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