Welcome Wharton MBAS Class of of 2017!

Welcome to life as a Wharton MBA! The beginning of the school year is such an exciting time—and our team is especially excited to highlight the many opportunities for students interested in social impact.

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So who are we? At Wharton Social Impact Initiative, we’re an entrepreneurial team of nine. leverages Wharton’s strengths to develop and promote business strategies for a better world. We use core business competencies to spur strategic and systems-level positive social impact in Philadelphia and around the world. Through our research, consulting, hands-on training, and outreach, we are advancing the science and practice of social impact, and developing business leaders who are equipped to lead in an increasingly and interconnected complex world.

Our work largely focuses on impact finance, entrepreneurship, impact analytics, and strategic corporate social impact, and incorporates research that leverages Wharton’s analytic horsepower.

Over the last five years, WSII has grown immensely and student interest in social impact is soaring. It looks a little like this:

By the numbers:

  • 100+ students have participated in cutting edge research and consulting work with us through the Social Impact Fellowship
  • 500+ students involved in social impact student clubs/activities at Wharton and Penn
  • 100+ blog posts published by Wharton students, staff, and alumni
  •  75 episodes of “Dollars and Change” on SiriusXM Business Radio
  • 35+ social impact courses offered across 8 departments
  • $160,000 in MBA loan forgiveness given through the Bendheim Fund

During pre-term, we shared who we are and what we do with a large portion of the incoming class. In case you missed the presentation, our website is the best resource to find opportunities for this school year— so take a look around, and then get ready to be very very busy!

Here’s what you can do right now:

  • Browse the career resources page to learn more about loan forgiveness, recruiting, and social impact career advising. Attend a social impact industry chat on September 8, 4:30 p.m. in JMHH 245.
  • Explore a sample of courses that include social impact content—from social entrepreneurship, to impact investing, to corporate social responsibility. Get to know some interesting Wharton faculty before you start class.
  • Keep in touch by liking us on Facebook or following on Twitter to stay abreast of upcoming events, opportunities and other news.

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