Welcome, Prospective MBA Students!

Did you know that Wharton students have opportunities to apply business strategies for a better world?


The Wharton Social Impact Initiative (WSII) leverages Wharton’s strengths to develop and promote business strategies for a better world.  Our cross-cutting work focuses on impact finance, impact entrepreneurship, and strategic corporate social impact, and incorporates research that leverages Wharton’s analytic horsepower.

We offer a robust collection of programs, activities, and resources for those interested in using business strategies to create social good.  This includes an immersive fellowship program, MBA loan assistance, visiting speaker events, conferences, and much more.

Here are three ways MBA students can get involved with WSII:

  1. The Social Impact Fellowship is the most comprehensive way to engage with Wharton Social Impact Initiative. Over the course of one or two semesters, Social Impact Fellows play a key role in driving forward major initiatives and developing relationships between WSII and impact stakeholders through their work. Through the Fellowship, undergraduate and MBA students apply their strategic, operational, and leadership skills in relevant projects while gaining real-world experience.  Read here on one such project.
  1. Wharton Social Impact Initiative leads a multifaceted impact investing program. One component is the Wharton Impact Investing Partners (WIIP), a student-run group under the WSII umbrella, that emulates an impact investment venture capital fund by sourcing and conducting due diligence on early stage companies with venture-grade growth potential and measurable social impact.  Our new Wharton Africa Growth Partners replicates the WIIP approach but focuses on investments in Africa.
  1. Building on Wharton’s experience with the Wharton Impact Investing Partners, the Wharton Social Impact Initiative co-produces the MBA Impact Investing Network & Training Program (MIINT) with its founding organization, Bridges Ventures. With the support of Wharton faculty and prominent practitioners from around the globe, MIINT provides students with both theoretical and hands-on experience with the impact investment process, and culminates in a multi-university competition hosted at Wharton each spring.

Check out the full list of offerings on our Student Resources page or email us at socialimpact@wharton.upenn.edu with additional questions.