Video: Katherine Klein on Social Impact and Opportunity

Knowledge@Wharton High School recently spoke with Wharton Social Impact Initiative Vice Dean Katherine Klein on social impact and opportunity. KWHS intern Ila Kuma, a high school senior, led the interview, exploring topics like entrepreneurship, innovation, and accountability — and how they meet at the intersection of business and social impact.

“The intersection between business and social impact is this evolving, very dynamic space. Lots of people are trying lots of things and in general, there’s a sense of possibility, a sense that business strategies and business knowledge can make a difference for social impact in the world.”

 “It’s a huge range of activities: Sometimes it’s in mainstream companies, big-name companies that people have heard of. Sometimes it’s in small startups, sometimes it’s by having MBA folks who come from business schools serve on boards of directors for nonprofit organizations. It’s many models, but that intersection of social impact and business is this space of great creativity and optimism right now.”

View the video above, and visit KWHS to read Prof. Klein’s examples of social impact at work.