Social Impact Round Up: Week of September 13

The AUNI Fruit Stand, a West Philadelphia-based educational social enterprise, is now recruiting student leaders.
The AUNI Fruit Stand, a West Philadelphia-based educational social enterprise, is now recruiting student leaders.

Every Friday, Wharton Social Impact Initiative brings you an update on student activities, events and opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania. These lectures, info sessions, and workshops are just a sampling of the broad range of social impact opportunities available as part of the student experience. 

This week we share advanced notice on some upcoming events and conferences, and information on student clubs’ recruitment for undergrads, graduate students and MBAs.

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Metrics that Matter, Messages that Motivate

October 8, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., Wharton | San Francisco campus: For west coast Whartonites, this event features a look at sustainability in healthcare. While sustainability is gaining traction in the world of healthcare, many healthcare organizations struggle with making the business case to their CFO, providers and even to their suppliers. This one-day conference will focus on the key drivers of sustainability and explore what benefits/outcomes are most compelling to the different players, building off of the excitement and interest from last year’s event held at the Wharton Philadelphia campus.  The event includes two panel sessions, lunch and a closing keynote. Interested attendees can register for free online.

Peter Singer, “The Life You Can Save”

October 22, 4:30-6:30 p.m., JMHH G6: Peter Singer, author of The Life You Can Save and renowned Princeton professor, argues that we can, and should, donate to highly cost effective charities to improve the health and well being of the world’s poor. Singer is a philosopher and a leader of the Effective Altruism movement, which applies evidence, reason and rationality to doing good. In this event, Singer will discuss the moral case for helping others, and the evidence available to do so most effectively. Free to attend, but registration is required.


The UNI Fruit Stand program is recruiting student leaders interested in running a social enterprise in West Philadelphia elementary and high schools to address the problem of poor nutrition among youth. Students will work in teams to teach lessons on sales, marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurial leadership to help kids sell fruit, smoothies, and Rebel bars to their peers. Students can apply for a volunteer or work-study position by emailing their resume to

Global Architecture Brigades at Penn is seeking students who are interested in combining community service with design. GAB is an organization in which students design and build public works for communities in need around the world. As a member of Brigades, your year will comprise of fundraising, designing, and competing in local competitions, culminating in a final trip. It is an excellent opportunity to serve a greater cause while honing design, leadership, and organizational skills. Students from all schools are encouraged to apply. Please direct any questions to

PennSEM, an undergraduate student organization dedicated to providing resources and real-world social entrepreneurship experiences, is now recruiting new members. The group welcomes undergraduates from all schools and years, as well as graduate students as official mentors and collaborators. For more information visit

IMPACT Magazine, the undergrad-run publication dedicated to social impact, is recruiting members for its various teams — apply for positions on the magazine, blog, design, photography, finance, marketing, web and community development teams! Learn more on the magazine’s website.

The Summer Social Impact Fund has officially kicked off, and is recruiting MBA students to join. SSIF is a student-run initiative that supports Wharton MBA’s taking on unpaid/underpaid summer internships. 100% of membership dues will go towards allowing the WG Class of 2016 to take on social impact internships. All funds raised from students through SSIF are matched by donations from the Wharton Social Impact Initiative. In return for their contribution, SSIF members will be entered into lotteries to win free tickets to Wharton events, conferences and parties throughout the year. Please contact Pooja Shaw for further information.


To submit social impact-related events, news, or opportunities, contact WSII Manager of Communications Allie Harcharek. Blurbs must be submitted at least two weeks prior to event date, and include a date, time, location and contact information.