Press Release: Announcing Gift to Establish the Angella and David Nazarian Social Innovator in Residence Program

Philadelphia, PA, September 1, 2014—The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce a gift to establish the Angella and David Nazarian Social Innovator in Residence Program Fund.

7748616206_ed10de7039_kThe fund supports the launch of a new Wharton Social Impact Initiative program that will foster meaningful interactions between current students and prominent social visionaries.

“We are grateful for the Nazarian family’s generosity, which speaks to their commitment to increasing the visibility of social impact,” said Wharton Dean Geoff Garrett. “Their gift will expand our partnerships with community leaders and help us prepare students to go forth and improve the world.”

The Angella and David Nazarian Social Innovators in Residence will meet with students individually, host group sessions, and lead large discussion groups while on campus for an annual visit.

Nazarian Social Innovators—who may be social entrepreneurs, employees of corporations who integrate social impact into their corporate strategy, or representatives of non-profit organizations—will share their career experience and dedication to social impact, furthering the Wharton School’s commitment to applying business-based solutions to solve economic and social challenges in communities around the globe. These esteemed guests will provide an exceptional learning opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers with an emphasis on social impact and responsibility.

The first Nazarian Social Innovator will come to Wharton in the fall of 2014.

“This wonderful gift from the Nazarians will add a new dimension to the learning opportunities we provide to students,” said Katherine Klein, vice dean of the Wharton Social Impact Initiative and Edward H. Bowman Professor of Management. “We look forward to bringing in Nazarian Social Innovators in Residence, who have made waves in their communities and will inspire students to visualize and actualize their professional goals of making a positive impact in the world.”

David Nazarian, founder and CEO of Nimes Capital, LLC, and Angella Nazarian, author and Co-Founder of WOMEN A.R.E., are proud parents of a Wharton undergraduate.

“Angella and I are thrilled by the opportunity to help the Wharton Social Impact Initiative establish a Social Innovator in Residence Program,” said David Nazarian. “The next generation of global leaders understands better than any before the role business can have in creating a strong and lasting social impact in the world. Wharton students will benefit from the collective wisdom and practical knowledge of Nazarian Social Innovators for years to come.”

About the Wharton School

Founded in 1881 as the first collegiate business school, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is recognized globally for intellectual leadership and ongoing innovation across every major discipline of business education.  With a broad global community and one of the most published business school faculties, Wharton creates ongoing economic and social value around the world. The School has 5,000 undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA, and doctoral students; more than 9,000 annual participants in executive education programs; and a powerful alumni network of more than 93,000 graduates.

About the Wharton Social Impact Initiative

Established in 2009, the Wharton Social Impact Initiative is the hub for social impact activities, information, and resources at the School. The Initiative supports faculty, students, and alumni in the drive to use business knowledge and practices to enhance the greater good of the local community, the nation, and the world. The Social Impact Initiative harnesses the knowledge and creativity of the Wharton community to investigate, create, and implement solutions to enduring social problems such as poverty, educational inequality, and unemployment.