Podcast: Professor Shane Jensen Talks Vibrant Urban Planning on “Dollars and Change”

In this episode of “Dollars and Change,” Shane Jensen, Co-Director of Wharton’s PhD program, Associate Professor of Statistics at the Wharton School and Host of Wharton Moneyball, joins hosts Nick Ashburn and Sandi Hunt to discuss urban analytics, understanding the economics and social functions of a city, on Dollars and Change.

Jensen shares his focus in research in urban analytics, looking into how the newly available generation of public data about cities can shed light on how environment of cities can contribute to safety, crime, and even nebulous factors such a vibrancy.

When looking at these data, some interesting patterns emerge: for example, crimes, especially theft, do occur around businesses, but businesses that are open later or have longer hours tend to have less crime around them.

In the future, Jensen believes that integrating business data into urban analytics could offer even more valuable insight and help to find even stronger conclusions to increase safety.

“I’m hopeful that continuing to study cities at a high resolution level, will help to illustrate that cities really do change and evolve and function at a very local high resolution level. Grand urban renewal projects and large scale projects that displace a ton of people and change the entire fabric of neighborhoods, we should be very about, because so much of city life and vibrancy happens at a very local level.”

This audio originally aired on Channel 111 on SiriusXM, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School.