Podcast: “Dollars and Change” interviews Alan Murray of Fortune and TIME Inc

In this episode of “Dollars and Change,” hosts Nick Ashburn and Sandi Hunt talk with Alan Murray, President of Fortune and Chief Content Officer at Time Inc., to discuss the important role the press plays in advancing the dialogue for businesses to do social good, as well as his perspective on the growing interest in “doing well by doing good”.

Murray shares his observations of how businesses are increasingly doing well by doing good through spearheading the Fortune and Time’s the CEO Initiative, a day-long meeting that brings top business leaders around the world to discuss purpose in business.

“It became clear to me 4-5 years ago that there was this growing concern about public trust and confidence in business,” said Murray when asked about the start of the CEO Initiative, “that economic progress and business progress was aligned with social progress.”

In other words, there was a feeling in the developed world that the business system wasn’t working the way it’s supposed to be.

However, it has become clear to Murray that businesses have started to take note and interest in harnesses the power to do good things. “The starting point of any business is purpose first. What can I do to solve people’s problems and then build a business around that?”

This audio originally aired on Channel 111 on SiriusXM, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School.