Center for High Impact Philanthropy Releases New Report: The XX Factor

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy released a new report examining the inequalities and opportunities afforded to women and girls, and providing a framework for ways to help.

“Women and girls make up half of the world’s population. Given their roles as caregivers, breadwinners, and de facto community leaders, it is not a surprise that strong data links improvements in the lives of women to improvements in outcomes for families, communities, and global economies,” the report says. “Yet, women around the world experience worse outcomes and have limited opportunities compared to men in many areas of life. Improving women’s lives is therefore both a matter of social justice and smart investment for broad social impact.”

The report is designed to help funders take action, and includes key indicators and determinants of progress, and 10 “best bet” recommendations.

CHIP explains that the research team examined dozens of studies and related frameworks, “sorting through the thousands of indicators that are being used by development institutions, policymakers, foundations, community agencies, and other stakeholders concerned about making a difference in the lives of women and girls.”

This work was made possible through the generous financial support of Tara Health Foundation, and was done in collaboration with the Wharton Social Impact Initiative.

Through the research, five key areas emerged as indicators of the greatest impact on the lives of women and girls globally.

CHIP explains that these “five dimensions of women’s lives” represent vital areas where funders could create positive change.