John M. Bendheim Loan Forgiveness Fund

The John M. Bendheim Loan Forgiveness Fund provides funding for Wharton MBAs pursuing nonprofit and public sector careers.

The Bendheim Fund grantees represent a diverse network of Wharton alumni striving for social good, in careers ranging from youth education to economic development to international health and development.

This resource is open to recent graduates, within the first five years after graduation. For those selected for this program, Wharton will send up to $20,000 per year to pay down recipients’ student loans.

Candidates can apply more than once over the five year period, and many receive the award multiple years. Applicants must be employed with a registered nonprofit or in a public-sector role. Awards are based on a combination of social impact activity, career goals, and financial need. (Please note, this award may be taxable.  Awardees are advised to consult your tax advisors.)

“Wharton graduates have an enormous amount to offer the not for profit and public service sectors. Our goal is to encourage and support our MBAs’ choice to work in careers where they can have significant social impact.” – Tom Bendheim WG’90 G’90

Wharton established the John M. Bendheim Loan Forgiveness Fund for Public Service in 2005, with a gift from John Bendheim Sr, W’40, and Thomas Bendheim, WG’90 G’90.

Since its creation, the fund has granted $1.3 million in loan forgiveness to more than 80 Wharton MBA graduates.

In 2013, additional support from the family through the Leon Lowenstein Foundation created The Bendheim Fellow Social Impact Fund, which works in tandem with the Loan Forgiveness Fund and provides additional opportunities for Wharton alumni and students to work together.

The Bendheim family has a long legacy of involvement at the University of Pennsylvania; proud graduates include John Bendheim, W’40; John M. Bendheim, Jr., W’75; Thomas Bendheim, WG’90, G’90, and his wife Kathryn Bendheim, WG’90.

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Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year will open in September 2018, with a December 2018 deadline.arn More

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