Gender Lens Impact Investing

If gender isn’t a factor in your investment analysis, you might be missing something.

The best investors use all available information to make their decisions; an investor who explicitly looks at gender as a relevant factor may identify opportunities and risks one might not otherwise see.

Our current work in this space includes ongoing research and analysis, knowledge sharing and community building—and plenty of experiential learning opportunities for students to expand their understanding of finance, gender, and impact.

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Wharton Social Impact Initiative has been researching gender lens impact investing since 2014 and has collaborated with U.S. Trust, Criterion Institute, Women Effect and others to define, capture trends, share research questions, and illustrate the current landscape.

As the demand for gender lens investing increases, we hope to see more sophisticated analysis of the existing factors and an expanded list of factors required, reported and analyzed.

Our current projects includes academic and survey-level research and analysis, knowledge sharing and storytelling efforts, and community building, with many opportunities for students to join in.

Project Descriptions

For the past several years, our Gender Lens Investing Fellows—comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from across Penn and Wharton—have helped to conduct a range of field-building research projects. Students have explored gender and finance in specific market sectors, as well as trends and models for private equity funds with a focus on women.

Public Equity Research

Exploring how public equity capital can be used to improve the lives of women. With funding from the Tara Health Foundation, and in collaboration with the Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) at Penn’s School of Social and Public Policy, we have researched public equity funds that explicitly consider gender, the screens or tools that these funds use in their investment decisions, and the companies invested in. This public equity research compliments the private equity impact investing research we have been conducting and disseminating over the past several years. (View the report)

Private Debt and Equity Fund Research

Examining funds investing with a gender lens.  In collaboration with Veris Wealth Partners and Senior Advisor Suzanne Biegel, we have begun collecting data on funds investing with a gender lens and working with the funds to fill in any gaps. We look forward to sharing a landscape of investable products in late summer 2017, along with key findings from our analysis of the landscape.

Gender Lens Insights

Expanding the evidence base with a collection of insights about gender and finance. These insight reports are based around existing questions in the field, and include tools such as due diligence checklists, investment theses and sourcing strategies that can be shared publicly to broaden the tools of gender lens investing. Hosted by Criterion Institute.

“Investment is shifting, and impact investing is not one homogenous whole. Investors are so diverse – but luckily, so are the opportunities to invest for impact.”

– Suzanne Biegel, W’84


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Some resources and stories on this website originated from Women Effect, an independent knowledge hub created by Wharton alumna Suzanne Biegel, W’84, C’84; select content has transitioned to our new gender lens investing section. Read more about the transition here.