Undergraduate Concentration

The Wharton Undergraduate Program offers a secondary concentration in Social Impact & Responsibility.

This secondary concentration in social responsbility, housed in the Legal Studies and Business Ethics department, prepares undergrads to address the question of how business enterprises and business thinking should be engaged to improve society in areas not always associated with business.

The concentration encourages students to explore the role of business in society and how that role has evolved over time, exposes students to current and emerging approaches of applying business to the social sector (e.g., corporate social responsibility, microfinance, social entrepreneurship, etc.), and provides opportunities for experiential learning to encourage students to apply their knowledge through field work.

This concentration is ideal for students interested in building their knowledge and awareness of social impact, whether they are dedicated to pursuing work in the social sector after graduation or whether they plan a career in another field.


What classes will you take? For undergraduates, please see these sample courses.