Social Impact Courses at Wharton

Wharton’s broad and multifaceted curriculum will deepen your knowledge, expand your toolkit, and power your impact.

We have listed just some of the many social impact-related courses available to Penn and Wharton students. These listings are subject to change. Please review Wharton SPIKE for additional courses, as well as up-to-date section information, class times, and registration info.

Wharton’s undergraduate program also offers a secondary concentration in Social Impact & Responsibility, housed in the Legal Studies and Business Ethics department.

“Business schools are critical social institutions not only because they help students realize their full potential as individuals, but also because they empower students to use their passions and talents to maximize their impact on society. Wharton is in the global vanguard of doing both.”

–Wharton Dean Geoff Garrett


Course NumberCourse NameInstructor
BEPP 214Nonprofit Sector: Economic Challenges And Strategic ResponsesAshley Swanson
BEPP 230Urban Fiscal PolicyRobert P. Inman
BEPP 261Risk Analysis And Environmental ManagementHoward Kunreuther
BEPP201*Introduction To Business Economics And Public PolicyEllen Magenheim
FNCE 215Urban Real Estate EconomicsSusan M. Wachter
FNCE254Impact InvestingChristopher Geczy
HCMG 204Comparative Health Care SystemsPatricia M. Danzon
HCMG 213*Health Care Strategy & Management: The Business Of Health CareJohn R. Kimberly
HCMG 391*Health Care EntrepreneurshipMatthew Grennan
LGST 100*Ethics & Social ResponsibilityAmy Sepinwall, Nina Strohminger, Diana Robertson
LGST 101*Law and Social ValuesGwendolyn Gordon, William Laufer, Charles Forer, Philip M. Nichols, David Zaring
LGST 230*Social Impact & ResponsibilityGwendolyn Gordon
MGMT 212 / MGMT812*Social EntreprenuershipValentina Assenova
MGMT 241Knowledge for Social ImpactKatherine Klein
OIDD 490 / PSYC 490*Science of Behavior ChangeAngela Duckworth, Katherine Milkmana

*This course is available in Fall 2018.


Course NumberCourse NameInstructor
BEPP 761/OPIM 761Risk Analysis and Environmental ManagementHoward Kunreuther
BEPP 762Energy Markets & PolicyArthur van Benthem
BEPP 773/FNCE 730/REAL 730Urban Fiscal PolicyRobert Inman
BEPP 789Nations, Politics, and MarketsStephen Golub
BEPP 805*Risk ManagementOlivia Mitchell, Daniel Gottleib, Gregory Nini, Jeremy Tobacman, Jialan Wang
ENVS 669-660Corporate Sustainability StrategiesGary Survis
FNCE 750*Venture Capital and Finance of InnovationLuke Taylor, David Wessels
FNCE 754Impact InvestingChristopher Geczy
HCMG 845Managed Care and the Industrial Organization of Health CareAmanda Starc, Brad Fluegel
HCMG 854/LGST 811Legal Aspects of Health CareArnold J Rosoff, Robert Field
HCMG 866E-Health: Business Models and ImpactJohn Glaser, Jonathan Kolstad
HCMG 867Health Care EntrepreneurshipJeffery Libson, Gary Kurtzman
HCMG 868Private Sector Development in Global Health DevelopmentStephan Sammut
HCMG 890*ASP: Management of Health Care Service BusinessesMark Pauly
INTS 741*Leadership & Intercultural Learning Regina Abrami, Mili Lozada Cerna
LGST 611*Responsibility in Global ManagementDjordjija Petkoski, Mark Schwartz,Thoman Donaldson, Ruth Aguiler
LGST 612*Responsibility in Professional ServicesG. Richard Shell, David Zaring, Paul Roth, Alan Strudler, Eric Orts
LGST 815Environmental Management: Law & PolicySarah Light
LGST 820*International Business EthicsMatthew Lister, Diana Robertson
MGMT 653*Field Application ProjectKeith Weigelt
MGMT 656*Global Immersion Program – Israel & Turkey; Southeast Asia; IndiaAdrian Tschoegl
MGMT 671*Executive LeadershipStewart Friedman
MGMT 715*Political and Social Environment of the Multinational FirmWitold Henisz
MGMT 802*Change, Innovation and EntrepreneurshipIan MacMillan
MGMT 804*Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial ManagementXu Han, Stephan Sammut
MGMT 809Private Equity in Emerging MarketsStephen Sammut
MGMT 810Entrepreneurship and Social Wealth CreationIan MacMillan
MGMT 960Institutes & Multinational ManagementWitold Henisz
MKTG 733Marketing for Social ImpactDeborah Small
MKTG 890/GCP*Global Consulting Practicum
OIDD762/OPIM762*Environmental Sustainability & Value CreationErwann Michel-Kerjan, Carolyn Kousky Carolyn

*This course is available in Fall 2018.

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