Building The Evidence Base: Establishing Wharton’s Role in a Shifting Industry

Since the controversial “Google Diversity Memo” surfaced over the weekend, our inboxes have been filled with strong reactions. Amidst the cacophony of responses, one piece seems to resonate strongly with readers: Wharton Professor Adam Grant’s analysis on “Differences between Men and Women are Vastly Exaggerated.” Why are CNN, CNBC, Fortune andRead More

Faculty Perspective: Mary-Hunter McDonnell on corporate activism

Corporations are increasingly tackling social issues head on.  How can they do so in a way that is at once authentic to their identity and value-creating for their shareholders? In this interview, Wharton professor Mary-Hunter McDonnell describes the impact corporations can have on social issues and the role shareholders canRead More

Faculty Perspective: Corporate Social Impact Starts From Within—and From the Top

Chobani founder and chief executive Hamdi Ulukaya just announced that the company would be providing its 2,000 full-time employees with a combined 10 percent ownership stake in the company stock when it goes public or gets sold. The number of shares per employee would be determined based on tenure, butRead More

Nine Great Social Impact Courses to Consider This Spring

Interested in deepening your understanding of the business of social impact?  Wharton offers numerous courses that will help you understand and tackle many of the most pressing social and environmental challenges in the world. We keep a running list of just some of the many MBA and undergraduate courses that relate to social impact,Read More

Press Release: New Wharton Research Shows “Doing Well While Doing Good” Is Viable Investment Strategy, Investors Seeking Social Impact Can Receive Comparable Returns

Findings suggest that – in certain market segments – investors might not need to expect lower returns as a tradeoff for impact PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania announced today the release of a new report, “Great Expectations: Mission Preservation and Financial Performance in ImpactRead More

Spotlight: Three Social Impact Courses To Consider this Fall

Wharton’s curriculum offers plenty of options, emphasizing an intensive, flexible core plus the depth of 18 majors and breadth of nearly 200 electives. On our website, we keep a running list of just some of the many MBA and undergraduate courses that relate to social impact, from the management department to financeRead More

To Brag or Not to Brag: Social Impact Research from Professor Deb Small

If you do a good deed but no one knows about it, does your contribution even matter? Does public sharing (or bragging, or #humblebragging) make your generous activities seem more self-serving than selfless?  In a series of studies, Wharton marketing and psychology professor Deborah Small examined myths and perceptions aroundRead More