About Us

We are inspired by the vision of business and capital markets working together to create sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges.

Achieving this vision will not be easy or automatic—and that’s why we are building the evidence base and talent pipeline for impact. Our cutting-edge research and distinctive training opportunities provide students and professionals the tools to create business-driven solutions for a better world.

Here’s what we do:

We develop the talent for tomorrow’s social impact.

We give our students and alumni the skills and training opportunities to effect smart and savvy change through business.

We lead cutting-edge, innovative research.

We provide the data, analytics, and insights to steer strategic investments that yield both positive returns and real social impact.

We build the impact investing community.

We share insights, knowledge, stories, and news to increase awareness about the social impact of business.

Our Mission

Strengthen the role of business in creating a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable global economy.